General Contracting

A General Contractor provides a lump sum contract amount to an owner to execute and manage the procurement of goods and services that enable the construction of a project per a Design Team. GC’s are responsible for coordinating and managing materials, activities, and personnel involved in a construction project.

Oak Contracting began operating its General Contracting division in January of 2020 as a Maryland Commercial General Contractor specializing in projects from $25,000 to $5 million. Oak’s GC Division provides a variety of services ranging from renovations and additions to new construction, and focuses on special projects, unique in size and scope while creating a significan’t impact.

We have extensive knowledge in all phases from predesign through closeout and warranty. Whether it’s providing the necessary coordination and assistance with submittals and other processes with the Maryland Interagency Committee (IAC) and Maryland Department of General Services (DGS), or ensuring timely completion of the punch list, Oak is deeply committed to exceeding your expectations at each phase of the project.

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General Contracting Featured Projects

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